Dev / Personal


  • 1 GB transfer
  • 3 apps/sites
  • 1 collaborator
  • * domains
$ 0
/ yr


  • 1 GB transfer
  • 3 apps/sites
  • 1 collaborator
  • Custom domains
$ 30
/ yr



  • 10 GB transfer
  • 10 apps/sites
  • 3 collaborators
  • Custom domains
$ 90
/ yr


  • 50 GB transfer
  • 20 apps/sites
  • 10 collaborators
  • Custom domains
$ 290
/ yr


  • 500 GB transfer
  • apps/sites
  • collaborators
  • Custom domains
$ 990
/ yr


Our enterprise plans offer hosting and support SLAs, unlimited transfer volume, custom payment terms, and more. Contact us!

Free for open source


Open-source apps can be added to any account. They enjoy free, unlimited hosting with all available features.

All paid plans come with: Excellent e-mail support Free HTTPS/TLS (incl. custom domains)

Questions & Answers

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel any plan at any time – no strings attached!

How does the transfer limit work?

The transfer limit is the maximum amount of data tranferred for all apps associated with your account (not per app!) within one month. Open-source apps don't count against your plan's limits.

What happens if I go over my plan?

No worries. If you exceed your plan limits, we will notify you about it and ask you to upgrade to a larger plan at your earliest convenience.

I have more questions.

Ask us anything via email, on Twitter, and on IRC (day times CET). There's also an FAQ page with more answers.

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