5apps Storage

Welcome to your personal data cloud.

5apps Storage is a new kind of platform for syncing your data between different devices and applications. It is built on remoteStorage, an open protocol for user data storage.

How it works

remoteStorage is a new, open standard for apps to sync data from and to your own storage account.

You can allow any compatible app to access your account, and you can move your data to any compatible provider or server you want, anytime. It's your data, so we think it should be your choice.

Connect apps

Look for the remoteStorage logo or name in apps, and when asked, provide your user address to connect your account.

Your user address looks like an E-Mail address, because it works in a similar way. For 5apps accounts, it is your_username@5apps.com.

Screenshot of a remoteStorage connect dialog

Authorize apps

When connecting your account, you will be directed to 5apps, where you can give the app permission to access specific parts of your storage.

After giving permission, you will be directed back to the app, which can then sync data with your account.

Screenshot of app authorization dialog

Manage apps

On your 5apps Storage dashboard, you can find all authorized apps at any time. When you no longer want to use a certain app, simply revoke the permission.

Also note that the developer and provider of the app does not have access to your data at any time! It is only stored directly on your device and in your remote storage account.

Screenshot of Storage dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Why is 5apps Storage labeled "beta"?

The remoteStorage specification is not a final Internet standard yet. It is currently a so-called Internet Draft, and as such is still a work in progress!

Thus, 5apps Storage is an experimental service, and we'd like to invite you to help us make this a reality on a larger scale. See "What can I do for remoteStorage?" for some ideas for supporting us, and please feel invited to engage with the community, if you're interested.

Can I use my username@5apps.com address for email?

Although your user address looks like an email address, we do not offer email services at the moment.

Any emails being sent to your username@5apps.com address will not arrive anywhere, and the sender will usually be notified of that via an automated reply.

Can I use remoteStorage with [app name]?

You can only connect your storage to an app, when it offers support for remoteStorage accounts. If the application does not currently support RS, you can ask the developer(s) to integrate it.

Is 5apps Storage open-source software?

While our user accounts system has been custom-made for the various services we offer, we do publish important parts of our systems as free and open-source software:

Our remoteStorage HTTP/REST API is powered by Liquor Cabinet (Ruby / Sinatra). Our storage dashboard is a PWA called Stashboard (JavaScript / Ember.js). And Web app metadata is fetched by Manifique (Ruby gem).

Where is my data hosted physically?

We use servers at the Equinix data center in Zurich, Switzerland.

Switzerland has strict data privacy laws, and our provider regularly undergoes 3rd-party security audits. Their infrastructure is certified by ISO standards 27001 and 27018, as well as a CSA Star.