5apps Consulting

Idea to MVP in weeks.

We can help you create a usable, great-looking, first version of your app in just a few weeks. Ready for stores and Web delivery. So you can test your ideas with a working minimum viable product, and grow its functionality based on what works for your customers.

We build success

With our expertise in a wide variety of Web Platform technologies, we build experiences that rival and exceed those of native, single-platform apps. In fact, our apps are consistently rated above 4 stars on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Here's why:

  • Cross-platform

    Cross-platform development done right is a fantastic way to create a consistent user experience across device types and platforms. It keeps cost down and progress fast, as a single, experienced team can achieve high quality using the same codebase for all releases.

  • Data Sync

    Syncing data between various devices and app formats, as well as hosted Web applications is not a trivial problem. As core developers of one of the most mature, battle-tested sync libraries on the market, we can create unobtrusive solutions that simply just work.

  • Offline-first

    To us, having apps work offline (read: on every mobile with a spotty cell connection) is essential for good UX. If you ever waited for an endless spinner when using an app on the go, you know what we're talking about. And we'll make sure it never happens in yours.

Latest Projects

App screenshots for Web, iOS, Android; desktop and mobile

I ♡ PT

ilovepersonaltraining from Berlin are offering Germany's most successful fitness transformation programs.

We developed the initial mobile apps as a complement to their existing desktop website in less than a month. Later, we extended the same codebase to also include a desktop Web UI, and developed new responsive Web apps for the checkout/purchase experience.

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  • Packaged mobile apps, mobile Web apps, and desktop Web apps for 5+ different programs (with different languages, templates, colors, icons, content); all developed in and published from a single codebase.
  • Fast, unobtrusive sync of all user data across devices and platforms
  • Fully offline-capable. Content and user data are cached and updated when possible; on-demand, and in the background.
  • Content protection via changing API keys. Protected content is removed from devices when subscriptions expire.
  • Adaptive video streaming, as well as video download function (watch later, e.g at gym).
  • All in-app content, including complex workout routines, editable via (Contentful) CMS with custom editor UI plugins for complex data types
  • Nutrition tracking with offline-capable search built-in.

Products used

  • Deploy
  • Managed Storage

Ready for Action

We'll create the optimal basis for your project's future success, by getting crucial pieces in place, right from the start. This will save you a great deal of time and cost in later development phases:

  • Frameworks

    We base apps on widely used, battle-tested, open-source code frameworks. This considerably improves app performance and development speed, and ensures that your app can be further developed and maintained by any other team.

  • Test Suites

    Our code comes with automated test suites, which ensure that everything works as intended, and more importantly, that it doesn't break in future development. If suitable, this will even include machine-run tests on your live application.

  • Analytics

    We'll set you up with detailed analytics, which will give you valuable insights into how your app and its various features perform. This enables you to manage development priorities for both technical and business goals.

Interested in working with us?

Great, let's talk! If your project is something we can help you with, we'll give you a free introductory consultation, so we can get to know each other and your plans. You will leave this meeting with concrete recommendations for next steps to making your project successful.