Professional HTML5 app deployment

5apps Deploy is a turn-key deployment and hosting platform for client-side web apps.

How it works

Develop your app with Web platform technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Use any framework you like.

Just push your code via Git. We configure and deploy your app in all available formats and prepare it for submission to stores.

That’s it! Once your app is deployed, people can install and use it in their browser or operating system.

HTML5 app deployment done right

Turn-key hosting, configuration and deployment – optimized for client-side web apps. Embrace the Web platform!

The best way to host Firefox OS apps

Want to sell in the Firefox Marketplace and other Open Web App stores? There's no better place to host your apps.

Great for static Websites too

Deploy is a professional, reliable way to deploy and host static assets for any kind of website.

Professional app delivery

There's more to web app delivery than hosting static files. Let us handle it, while you focus on building your apps.

Managed and Monitored

Let us worry about uptime. Sell your app in the stores, and we'll keep it running with zero downtime for your customers.

Free for open source

Choose an open-source license for your app, and we’ll host and deploy it free of charge. No limits, team access included.