Automate everything. And then some.


Deploy your HTML5 app from anywhere using Git. Push your code, then our mix-and-match deployment strategies will prepare and optimize it for distribution and delivery.

Web app formats

Deploy supports all major Web app installation formats, including Mozilla Open Web Apps, Chrome Apps, iOS/Chrome Add-to-home, and Windows Pinned Sites.

Offline config

Deploy can automatically generate Appcache manifests, as well as enhance the update experience in your app.

Build & Optimize

Source file minification, license header inclusion, lossless image compression, response header config, and more.

Icon formats

Deploy can generate icon versions for all formats and platforms, from multi-size favicons up to desktop icons.

HTTPS for free

Our included * app domains come with free TLS encryption by default. Because trust matters.

Custom domains

Configure any domain or subdomain for your app. Now even includes automatic HTTPS via Let's Encrypt!


Your whole team can use Deploy. Keep track of who deployed what and when. Control user access on a per-app basis.

Clean URLs

Let users load your single-page app from any URL using our advanced History API support. No hash character needed.

CORS Proxy

Tunnel requests trough our reliable proxy, if your app needs access to external resources via CORS or HTTPS.