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A very warm welcome to 5apps News

about 9 years ago · tagged with 5apps

Fellow web/app developers, we want to welcome you to 5apps News, a Hacker-News-like news aggregator with a focus on existing and upcoming web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, WebGL, and the likes.

This site started as a by-product of our main venture, a deployment platform and web store for HTML5 apps. We just needed a way to internally share and keep track of all those interesting news and projects, and as one of us had developed an HN clone for another project already, we figured why not let you fine citizens of the Internet participate and jointly create an even more up-to-date and interesting information resource for all of us.

As a freshly launched fun project, you can imagine that there might pop up some bugs in the early days (one of the existing ones being this funny little guy), so please forgive us any teething problems and, if possible, report them in this thread. You're also invited to comment with feedback and constructive criticism, of course.

The frontpage ranking is based on the original Hacker News algorithm, which will have to prove itself when some more people actually start voting. Downvoting and flagging will be introduced soon for people collecting enough karma, but is limited to admins for now.

Sometime during the next weeks you will be able to upgrade your 5apps news account to a 5apps developer account, with which you can use our deployment platform (for free) and optionally publish your software in our web app store and directory.

We're looking forward to having you around, sharing and discussing the latest in HTML5 with you, and later on help you build, distribute, and monetize awesome 5apps. If you happen to be attending the Chaos Communication Camp these days (with 3500 hackers around, the probability isn't even that low), you can meet us in the Ruby Village. We'll also be over in Warsaw for the onGameStart conference in September. (They are still selling regular tickets – highly recommended.)

So, nothing more to say than have fun, poke around, and hopefully see you again soon.

@skddc and @galfert